I'm a frontend software engineer at Chartbeat, based in New York City.

I mostly write framework-less, cross-browser, testable javascript for our embedded analytics scripts. Sometimes I work on dashboards and experiments. And I wrote a post about some other stuff I worked on during hack weeks.

I've worked as a product manager and developer for non-profits like BRUTE LABS and UnionDocs, and contributed to other side projects.

I previously worked at Funzio (and then GREE) as the lead frontend developer; and at Google as a product specialist, internal tools developer, and operations guy in the Enterprise apps group.

I like biking, coffee, baseball, data visualization, recording music with a tape player, southern style chicken sandwiches, optimizing systems, and bowling.

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Here are some things I've worked on:



  • Software Engineer | Chartbeat | Sep 2012 - Present
  • Head of Technology | BRUTE LABS | 2009 - 2013
  • Software Engineer | Funzio | Jan 2012 - June 2012
  • Product Specialist | Google | Sep 2008 - August 2011


  • B.A. | Brown University | 2007


  • Languages: JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS
  • Technologies: AngularJS, Google Closure, Git, Less, WebGL, App Engine, Django, Node, jQuery

For full details, visit my linkedIn profile. For code samples, visit my github profile.


danny[at](this website url)

I'd like to hear about volunteer or freelance opportunities. Sorry, I'm not interested in your startup.

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Built with App Engine, JQuery, Processing, and Processing JS.